A Rather Dashing Pooch

First published 2nd November 2014



Coming Home

Benson; I felt the first stirrings of hope as my new two-legged friend put a bright red band around my neck. I tripped down the two stairs as I focused on the outside world, just yards from the front door..Freedom!

I managed to jump into the big machine with wheels with no help at all, couldn’t believe that I did that, as I have put on so much weight!..I’ve been bored, no exercise and a bad diet.

I also smell really bad and I know my new friends can smell me too.. but they don’t seem to care, so I reckon they won’t mind me rolling all over their backseat.

For the first time in a long time, I feel happy…

cominh home1

We arrived at this building, and everyone kept telling me “We’re Home, We’re Home”…As soon as the door opened, this other dog, that looked a bit like me, jumped all over me, gave me a little warning shot, and then jumped over all the “Two-legs”.His name is Harvey and apparently, He lives here.

coming home 2

I think we will be friends, but for now, I just need to rest and get better.

Love from Benson x

From Two-legs; Benson was a mess. His back was curved, his tail was between his legs, he couldn’t walk right and there was no hope left in his eyes. When we put on a leash and led him out of the building, he tripped and stumbled on the steps, because the skin was tight with matted hair, and we didn’t know at the time, but his paws must have been so painful for him to walk on. As soon as we were outside, he perked up, his tail started to lift. Jumping into the car, his whole face changed, it was obvious that he was happy to be with us. 

When we arrived home, we were very cautious about how we were going to introduce him to Harvey, our one, and a half-year-old Shih-Poo. He was very cautious and he did let Benson know who he was!.But Benson was just too tired and weary to care. We gave him a bath, 3 times we emptied the bathwater, he was so dirty! We also gave him a good hearty meal, but he just wasn’t interested, he headed straight for Harvey’s unused bed, laid down and fell asleep.

And there he stayed for the remainder of the night and most of the following day.

First published 28th Oct 2014